Tourism is always closely related to culture. Cultural tourism becomes a new landmark in the tourist enterprise. For a tourist guide, it is a easy job to introduce or describe the natural scenery to the visitors, but it is not that easy for them to explain the culture. Hence, visitors have to study the culture thing themselves in order to gain an impressive trip.

China is a large country with time-honored history. From the ancient times, the ancestors of Chinese laboured, lived, and multiplied on this vast land and have created splendid culture. As one of the four cradles of world’s earliest civilizations, it has a recorded history of nearly 4,000 years. Throughout the history of Chinese civilization, its agriculture and handicrafts have been renowned for their high level of sophistication. During these 4,000 years, China has nurtured many great thinkers, inventors, statesmen, strategists, men of letters and artists, yielding a rich cultural heritage and fine cultural traditions.

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