Nepal has always been one of the few countries, which is rich in cultural heritage and has immense natural beauty, fabulous and statuesque religious shrines that are located in every corner of its land. It is also known as the land of temples, amazing extremes, birth place of lord Buddha and the home of the world’s highest peak in the world with Mt. Everest standing tall at 8848 meters with about thirty six ethnic groups, warm people, resplendent art and architecture. Nepal is also known as the homeland of legendary world-famous soldiers, Gurkhas, and the country of Great Himalayas. A developing, mountainous and land locked, country, Nepal is situated between China in the north and India in the East, West and South, that is why it is also called as “A YAM BETWBEEN TWO STONES” with a population of nearly 27 million people and predominantly an agricultural country with above 80% of it’s population engaged in agriculture. Nepal is abundant in natural resources and because of the natural beauty coupled with its unique culture and tradition, tourism is rapidly growing in Nepal.

Nepal is very rich in water resources. It is the second richest country in the world, as there are several rivers that originate from the Himalayas which never dry also Nepal has many lakes and ponds and there is sufficient rain fall in Nepal every year.
Nepal is a beautiful country with diverse ecology. It has three diverse ecological zones – tropical Terai (Plains), subtropical hilly region, and the cold mountains in the north. These three climatic regions run parallel through the east to the west. Hilly region runs in between the plains and the mountains.

The kingdom of Nepal is located between India in the south and China in the north at Latitude 26* 22″ to 30* 27″ and Longitude 80* 4 ” to 88 * 12″ east. Crowned by eight of the world’s 10 highest mountains, Nepal compresses lush tropics and summit of Mt. Everest( Mt. Sagarmatha), the highest piece of the planet.
This is the kingdom known as the unique and cultural destination in the tourism map of the world that combines the aesthetic and spritual excitement and adventure.

Nepal is the place where the world of mighty mountains,wild rivers,dense jungles ,unique cultures & warm hearted people are discovered. This is the country where Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed down the ages. Kathmandu, our capital , has often been called a living mueseum having numerous antique shrines, temples and several other palaces (Durbar Squares )with intricate woodcarving that are every where are truely blessed by the only living goddess in the world “The Kumari”.

Details About Nepal


Location : Between India & the Tibetan Autonomous region of the People’s republic of China.
Official Name : Nepal
Abbreviation : NP
Capital : Kathmandu
Head of State : Nepal Government
Population : 28 Million [approx]
Area : 147,181 Square Km.
Time Zone : 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT
Language : Nepali (Official)
Religion : Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc.
Unit of Currency : Rupee
Latitude : 26 degree 12’ and 30 degree 27‘ North.
Longitude : 80 dgree 4’ and 88 degree 12’east.
Altitudes : Varies from 70 m. to 8,850 m. (Mt. Everest “Sagarmatha”)
Seasons : Winter (December-February)
Summer (March-may)
Monsoon (June to August)
Autumn (September-November)

Entering Nepal

The capital city of Kathmandu is linked by both air and road. Flights link it with various international Countries
By road there are 15 entry points, the major ones being Birgung, Bhairawa (Sunauli), Kakarbhita, Nepalgunj (from India) and at Kodari from Tibet.

Shopping Nepal

Shopping Nepal is famous for the products like handmade paper, Semi precious stones, souvenir like stones, crystal, Buddha statues( gold, silver, copper, bronze etc.) woodcarvings, masks, ceramics terracotta , Thanka paintings (a traditional Buddhists painting), carpets textiles( shawls , sweater, t- shirts ) .


We have the world class casinos which are operative round the clock (24 hrs). Some clubs and discotheque in Kathmandu. Most of the major hotels have regular Nepalese cultural function . In Pokhara and Chitwan there is typical Nepali dances.

Highlights of Nepal

Package tours, Buddhist pilgrimage, Trekking, expeditions, Ballooning , Avia gliding, cable car ride, white water rafting, Jungle safari, heli trekking bird watching, Buddhist pilgrimage, cycling, shopping, casinos, mountain flight, Bungy jumps, cultural tours, fossils finding, bird watching etc.

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